For centuries, real estate has repeatedly proven to be one of the most valuable ways to invest in a solid future. Individuals and families have created generational wealth through investments in real estate and now YOU CAN do the same. 

Anchorage Properties provides an opportunity for local and international investors at different price-points to secure a future by investing in real estate in the Washington, DC metro area.

Typical Investment Options


OPTION 1 - Buy Only

Anchorage Properties helps you buy residential in Washington, DC metropolitan area.  These properties range in value starting at 50,000 USD. You choose what you do with the property after purchase.


OPTION 2 - Buy, Rent, Property Management

Anchorage Properties helps you select the best properties for longer term rental investments. We help you buy, rent and manage the properties over time. These investments begin at 50,000 USD with guarantees of at least 500 USD per month in income. The Washington, DC metropolitan area has seen a steady growth in the past decades. The area is one of the handful that was insulated from the full effects of the housing downturn (2008) in the US largely because of governmental and international activities within the area.  


OPTION 3 - Buy, Fix, Flip or Rent

This option allows you to buy lower priced properties, have them fixed to market standards and then resold within 6 months of acquisition. These properties range in value starting at 150,000 USD. 

The value of your investment in US dollars is relatively stable compared to other currencies.  


Whichever option you choose our team of experts at Anchorage Properties are here to assist. 

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